Protection of monuments and
buildings from birds

Works on height
(up to 40 meters)

Cleaning systems for ships and
underground fuel tanks


Glas Istre 09.02.2015 . - More aggressive Seagulls because of the closure of the landfills. The closure of the landfill in Istria, for the disposal of waste in Kaštijun , will change people's habits but also the habits of the seagulls. Is it possible that part of the birds will migrate in search of food, but also that they will become more and more aggressive in the urban environments against the people. >> Link to the article

PIANO MOVING 01/20/2016 . - From this date Amica Ltd. has offered an interesting new service. It's a service of transportation of pianos of all kinds and sizes, regardless of the location and the floor on which they are located. The whole process is simple and safe thanks to our new machine that, almost alone, does the complete job. Watch a video clip of the piano transportation on our Youtube channel. >> Link to the video

TANK CLEANING SYSTEM 01.01.2016 . - From today we have new machine for cleaning the fuel tank. Currently the 90 % of the problems associated with the new diesel engines are the result of dirty fuels. T.C.S. is a system designed to eradicate the problems listed. Continued use of our products will keep all the tanks and containers clean from all forms of dirt, such as water, algaes, mud and other impurities. >> Visit

Welcome to our website

The company " Amica " has been operating successfully for many years , specifically since 1990 , when it was founded . Thanks to the seriousness , fairness and competitiveness in the market the results of our operations are better and better every year. To continue with the growing trend of our business we are trying to develop and expand the introduction of new technologies . All our products meet high quality standards , and the activities that we have been given gives us an excellent passing grade by competent professionals for that data fields.

Our services

List of activities and services that we offer

Protection from birds

Protection of all types of monuments and buildings from birds.

Industrial cleaning

All kinds of cleaning in industrial facilities and halls.

Washing and sandblasting

Dry hydrodynamic and sandblasting.

Works on height

Execution of up to forty meters.

Special treatments

Special treatments to combat internal parasites.

Protection from insects and mosquitoes

Installation of protection from mosquitoes and insects in open spaces.

Tank cleaning

Cleaning from fuel for transportation and underground tanks.


Cleaning of archives and archives digitization.

Roads protection

A program to protect roads from direct accidents with wild animals.


From concept to implementation. Flags for all objects of all sizes and materials.

Special transports

Specialized transport services (objects outside dimension, high class items, etc.).

Event logistics

Furnishing for holding events and development of exhibition spaces (from floor to ceiling, from heating to cooling.

Our projects

Gallery of some of the projects that we have successfully done for our customers.

  • Fully installed and connected electrical protection of the roof from flying pests (gulls, pigeons and others).

    Roof protection from birds

    Electrical protection for protection from flying pests.

  • The mechanical protection completly set on all critical positionsto to protect the building from bird (pigeons, doves, gulls, etc.).

    Protection from Birds

    Mechanical protection ready against birds.

  • Setting of the New Year's decorations and lighting on the building the tobacco factory in Rovinj.

    Works on height

    Installation of the New Year's decorations on the building.

  • Completely sandblasted tombstones. The picture shows the condition of the monument before and after treatment.


    Sandblasting of gravestones.

  • Washing of stones and other surfaces only with water using the high pressure pump.


    Washing of floors and wall surfaces with high-pressure pump.

  • Preparation and cleaning of the industrial and commercial facilities, in this case cleaning of the ventilation, regardless of the degree and type of dirt.

    Systems cleaning

    Cleaning of industrial plants.

References and clients

TN Belvedere - Vrsar
Hotel "NEPTUN" - Poreč
Depandance "PARK" - Rovinj
Church of St. Antona – Pula
Tobacco Factory – Rovinj
Augustus temple – Pula (AMI)
Church of Our Lady of the Sea - Pula
Hotel "ADRIATIC" - Rovinj
Church Misericordia – Pula
Hotel "ISTRA" - Red Island Rovinj
Hotel "ALBATROS" - Poreč

Hotel "EDEN" - Rovinj
Part of the housing stock in maintaining - Pula
Part of the housing stock in maintaining - Rovinj
CENTRO STORICO f the Italian Union - Rovinj
Hotel "PINETA" - Vrsar
Hotel "PLAVI" - Poreč
Church of the Consolata - Asti (ITA)
Church - Convento delle Suore Sacramentine di Canale - Cuneo (ITA)
Cathedral of "St. Lorenzo" - Duomo d'Alba - Cuneo (ITA)

Deconsecrated church "St. Joseph" - Asti (ITA)
Sanctuary "Della Consolata" - Torino (ITA)
Alba Hospital - Cuneo (ITA)
Church "St. Giulia" - Torino (ITA)
Elementary schools - Montegrosso d’Asti (ITA)
Palace uffici Miroglio Spa - Alba (ITA)
Alba City Hall(ITA)
Palace "Carignano" - Torino (ITA)
Castle "Degli Acaja" - Fossano (ITA)
hurch of "St. Stefano" - Belbo (ITA)
Municipal Technical Office – Alba (ITA)

Parish of "St. Tommaso Apostolo" - Genova (ITA)
Antica Conceria - Varese (ITA)
Port authority - Ancona (ITA)
Policlinico Gemelli – Roma (ITA)
Basilica of Santa Margherita Ligure (ITA)
Great Mother Temple of God – Torino (ITA)
Parish of Gavirate - Varese (ITA)
Technical Institute Leonardo da Vinci – Alessandria (ITA)
School Gerolamo Vida – Alba (ITA)

Theater Malibran – Venezia (ITA)


The list of our clients: Adris Group d.d. , Abilia Ltd. , Maistra d.d. , Valamar Riviera d.d., TDR Ltd., Istragrafika d.d., BAT Croatia Ltd., The University Juraj Dobrila Pula, Mon Perin Ltd., the Istrian Archaeological Museum and many others.


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